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Alice in Wonderland

Coming in Summer 2022.  

It’s the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and a Royal Decree has been issued summoning all citizens to attend the Garden Party celebrations, but someone’s late, someone’s lost and someone’s about to lose their head!


Lewis Carroll’s beloved and timeless classic Alice in Wonderland will get the Common Players treatment! Expect larger than life characters, puppetry, live music, dancing and lashings of silliness all within the setting of the Hatters tea-party.

We're at the stage of arranging the tour.  

Please checkout the video above and send us an e-mail if you are interested in having a performance near you.  

In 2021 we were very excited to be making theatre again, going back to our roots,  set over 30 years ago, touring to community locations around Devon.


The Tuck Inn was a family event that re-told the legend of Robin Hood. 



In an outdoor space audiences were welcomed into The Greenwood by the irrepressible Friar Tuck, introduced to a band of Merry men and women and treated to some fast-paced action, music and storytelling.  Along the way were met a Viking warrior-ess, an Alchemist, a Sheriff with a dastardly plan and of course Robin Hood.


Audiences brought a blanket or seat and joined in a festival of theatre, fun, participation (If desired) and feasting.  

In many places local talent and other attractions and events were set around the show.

Tickets will be on sale at the gate at each venue.

 Prices depend on the level of any very local subsidy.

Tickets will often be cheaper online, up to 24 hours in advance

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Food and Drink

The Tuck Inn, with catering provided by Catch77 will be serving food at least 1 hour before each performance starts.  


Affordable, freshly cooked and tasty grub will include Outlaw Pork Stew, Mighty Oak Veggie Hotpot and Little Johns’ Hotdogs.  It looks like this:




Food can be booked online with your tickets to save hassle onsite,  and it’ll be cheaper in advance.


All locations will have a bar with refreshments.

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