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The Big Squeeze was the first in our trilogy of Apple Plays by Jon Stokes alongside WormFood and The Peasgood Nonsuch Music Hall Extravaganza. The play was rooted in traditions of mummers' tales and stories told by troubadors with live music. It told the story of Pip the apple who embarked on a voyage of discovery. Directed by Anthony Richards. Stormy Weather, a story loosely based on Shakespeare’s The Tempest, was set on a magical desert island - an enchanting tale of brothers and sisters, storms at sea and magical fish all played out at dusk in a show full of special lighting and effects. Devised by the company led by Anthony Richards, with music by Andrew Whelan, design by Sam Pine and lighting and special effects by Jon Primrose. Acting company: Michael Castleton, Rachel Thorne, Jon Stokes and Clare Barrett. Mrs Macbeth's Hostile Bid was a fast and furious performance featuring a bouncy castle, original music and wild humour combined in this tale of dark desire and cream-topped ambition. Directed by Anthony Richards. Taylor’s Tractor - Performed on a fully restored vintage Ferguson tractor and trailer, this Common Players production told the story of how Taylor, our reluctant hero, aided by his lifelong friend Noah and his trusty Fergie saved the town’s carnival float. Written by Miles Russell. To watch a video, click here Keep off the Path: This 2001 collaboration with the National Trust at Castle Drogo led audiences on a gentle walk around the unique grounds of this commanding property. Music, action, eccentric characters and plenty of opportunities for participation encouraged people to enjoy a new way of experiencing and appreciating this beautiful site. A Christmas Carol: Told through video projection, live action and web surfing, the Common Players version of A Christmas Carol was a 21st century ghost story. Bradninch 12th Night: In 2001, Common Players initiated a community celebration in the small town of Bradninch in Devon. Working with Articulture and Raventales we ran workshops and made two large sculptures of mythical characters for a community procession. The Mayor ceremoniously cut down the Town Christmas tree and over 200 people made their way to a nearby site where the lanterns were piled next to the giant sculptures and set on fire. Raventales sang and performed a mummers play, and hot food and drink was enjoyed by all. This is now annual event in the town. Mother Country by John Rudlin: This heart-warming story was the third in our trilogy of plays looking at themes of the past, present and future. Threshing About This mad-cap indoor show was a very topical comedy thriller... In a part of Devon where the gossip rocks and the hills roll, a farmer leans contentedly against a gate, mistress of all she surveys. But things are not as they seem. An EC inspector is expected...And dark secrets must be hidden before his arrival. Chandler's Carousel by Cathy Turner told the story of a young woman overcoming pressures to restore a past she didn't much like. Written by Cathy Turner, and directed by Anthony Richards, the show featured Vic Llewellyn, Jordan Whyte, Catherine Church and Dillon Wolfe. The Podfather: Mr Fusty wanted to grow the biggest and best vegetables; even if it meant abandoning his organic roots and signing up on the Firm's research project. The Golden Fleece: The Players' take on this classic story of Jason's quest for the Golden Fleece was a tale of love and betrayal, friendship and fortune - and a sheep with lots of bright ideas! The crew of the Argo dropped anchor for 50 performances of this the ultimate journey. A Savage Song, by Cathy Turner, was a small-scale theatrical masterpiece, weaving comedy and high drama through a touching human story. The play was based on real events over 100 years ago, in a time of empire building when great ventures clashed with existing vested interests. The Canterbury Tales The Common Players went strolling again in 1994 as a bunch of rowdy pilgrims, supposedly on their way to Canterbury. They stopped off for over 40 performances bringing favourite scenes from Chaucers comic masterpiece to life. The Lone Rooster: In the Summer of 1994, we donned our cowboy gear for a light-hearted look at local politics. When the partygoing Creedy brothers rode into Daisy's town with their new ideas, the place just wasn't big enough for the three of them. Swallowing Oysters: Ladies and Gentlemen, can we have a warm hand for our singing leprechaun, Miss Una Malone"... I'm haunted by your scent When I'm talking to someone else I'm haunted by your eyes In the middle of brushing my teeth I'm haunted by your hair By your skin When you're not around Are you visiting me Am I dreaming you up? Sponsored by The Mark Ward Memorial Fund

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