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Deadline 26th June

Fee £2000 + expenses



Common Players has been successful in securing ACE funding for an ambitious summer touring performance event.


We are seeking an individual consultant to run an evaluation of this project taking place in Exeter and Rural Devon and Exeter from now until September 2021.



The project:


The Tuck Inn will tour a professional open-air production to 25 rural and community venues in the Southwest in Summer 2021.  Connecting with and augmenting our network of amateur promoters, the accessible performance, based on Robin Hood, will be complimented by other local activities.  A quality, experienced cast will be joined by young artists in training, and the project will engage difficult to reach communities with live performance, and offer participative activities in each location through theatre workshops.  Working in partnership with a food poverty social enterprise we will generate trusted relationships and develop profile and longevity for future arts and social activities in these community locations, which have little local access to live performance.



The specification:

With this project, we are testing a new participative model for future deployment.  We seek to understand the extent to which:


  • Common Players created a high quality event.


  • Our professional event galvanises communities to generate connected locacl activities and what value these are given.


  • Community producers working with the professional team can attract audiences for live outdoor performance, who are not regular arts attendees.


  • Working with amateur promoters can leverage local micro grants and support for arts activities.


  • We were flexible enough to be able to deliver this project according to changing Covid-19 circumstances.


We wish to know how far we achieve our intentions.  To do this, we will employ a professional evaluator to devise a framework within which the achievement of these aims can be tested.  Their employment will be complemented by the use of existing project participants, collecting and collating materials relevant to the framework.  In addition to box office analysis, we imagine components of this evaluation to be quantitative and qualitative and to include recorded testimony.  




We envisage the framework to include:


  • Short interviews with key professionals and participants over the duration of the project, and beyond.

  • A survey of critical comment from outside and inside the project.

  • In-depth questioning of selected audiences.

  • In-depth questioning of selected community promoters.

  • Other measures identified by the appointee.




A VAT inclusive fee of £2000 is available for the work.  An expenses budget allows for up to an additional £520.




Applications will be accepted until 1200h on 26th June 2021.


This should include an outline of how the applicant would approach the task and manage time; a demonstration of why they feel they have an aptitude for and interest in the work; and what would be sought from the producing team.


We envisage an application document to be no more than two sides of A4, which should be submitted electronically to  

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